Comprehensive services for office cleaning

We offer a daily service during your company working hours and general cleaning of office space in the evening.
All personnel performing services have appropriate safety training related to maintenance of equipment, proper use of chemicals and relevant procedures for handling hazardous materials to ensure the safety of our personnel, your workforce and the natural environment. A recycling policy is strictly applied.

All equipment, materials and resources used have the appropriate certificates.
In addition, we order all supplies from reliable vendors, ensuring high quality products to support your office management needs.
We guarantee a consistent high level of service.

Offices supplies

  • Full range of office supplies
  • Kitchen equipment, dining room, rest rooms, bathrooms, training rooms
  • Coffee, tea, consumables
  • Fresh fruit, sandwiches, salads
  • Fresh flowers and potted plants
  • Professional installation of equipment and interior furnishings

Services for Foreigners

  • Rental and full management services for corporate housing
  • Administration services (legalization of stay)
  • House care
  • Maid Service

We also offer

  • National and international transport services
  • Courier services
  • Repair Services